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If you need additional assistance, please call the parish office at (319) 390-3520.

Children's Initiation:
Parents, with children who are Ages 7-16, bring their children forward for full membership in the church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and/or Eucharist as well as for the healing sacrament of Reconciliation. This process is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adult (RCIA) As Adapted For Children.

It is a seven-month commitment in which the children journey toward the Easter Vigil and the joy of Jesus' resurrection. It is a time to share stories, Jesus' love, prayer, cathechesis, etc., for the parents and families as well as for the catechumen (not yet baptized). Along with the catechesis sessions on Monday evenings, the process involves an opportunity to be present to the parish community at various Saturday/Sunday liturgies (Masses).

The Children's Initiation process actually parallels the adult process of  RCIA; many adults are also choosing to become members of the Catholic Church. The catechetical sessions of the adult and youth are separate, with the division due to time considerations and maturity of content. Yet, the adults and youth participate together in all of the other aspects of the process, such as the liturgical rites, (e.g. Rite of Acceptance), prayer settings, and socialization. All come forward together to accept their God and membership in the Roman Catholic Church.

For more information call  (319) 390-3520

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):
Adults who wish to be initiated into the Catholic faith through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist journey with their sponsor through an eight month period of formation. The sessions begin in the fall on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45 pm. These individuals study the doctrines of the Catholic Faith, participate in retreats, and celebrate several liturgical rites that mark passages in their journey of initiation. All are received into the Catholic faith on Holy Saturday night at the Easter Vigil Service. The newly received individuals are then welcomed into the different ministries offered at St. Jude Church.

For more information
call  (319) 390-3520
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Infant Baptism I:
This is a program of instruction for parents who are preparing for the baptism of their first child.
For more information,  please call the parish office at (319) 390-3520

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First Eucharist & First Reconciliation ~ Grade 2:
Students of the parish will typically begin preparation for their first Reconciliation and first Eucharist in the Fall of their second grade year, but they may be delayed until the next year for various reasons.  It is the policy of the parish that students need to be enrolled in formal catechesis for a full year BEFORE beginning sacramental preparation.  Therefore, a student that was not enrolled in either religious education or Catholic schools will be not be able to begin sacramental preparation in second grade.

 Whether the children participate in the Wednesday night religion program or are members of the Holy Family School System, the sacramental preparation program will be home-based.  Families participating in the home-based curriculum will be contacted in the fall of the year and asked to attend several parent and parent/child meetings over the course of the year.  They will be given materials and schedules to go over at home and teach their children about the sacraments, as well as receiving some adult education in the sacraments for themselves. Each parent meeting will be offered at multiple times on Sundays throughout the year.  In addition to the two parent meetings and two parent/child meetings (one of each for each sacrament), there will be an interview with the child prior to their completion of preparation for First Eucharist and a rehearsal just prior to the celebration itself. 

The school and religious education programs will also be covering some materials on first Eucharist and first Reconciliation, but the home-based sacramental preparation will be the primary preparation.  Having a home-based program emphasizes the parent's role as first and primary catechists of their children, and makes clear that the sacraments are not received from the school or religious education program, but from the parish and as part of a greater parish community.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please call the St. Jude Church Office, phone # (319) 390-3520.

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The Confirmation process for teens at St. Judes is done in two phases.

During the ninth grade year, or year of Discernment, students must be involved in formal catechesis through full time enrollment in either Catholic School or our Wednesday night Religious Education Program. There is meeting at the beginning of ninth grade year to explain expectations for the whole program.

In tenth grade, or main phase, students continue in formal catechesis as well as participating in small group sessions, service work, a retreat, and sponsor meeting.

Questions, please call  (319) 390-3520

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Anointing of the Sick:
This sacrament is periodically scheduled during Mass, or as requested. Please check the weekly bulletin or contact the parish office for more information.

Holy Orders:
For information on this sacrament of vows in religious life, please contact one of the priests.

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Marriage Programs

For additional information on the programs listed below, please call the parish office at (319) 390-3520

Sponsor Couples:
In this program, a married couple meets with an engaged couple in the sponsor couple's home. Normally three sessions are held in which prepared materials are used to enable the engaged couple to discuss important issues concerning married life.

Pre Cana Classes:
These classes are sponsored by the Archdiocese of Dubuque and are held on a Saturday evening and on a Sunday afternoon in September, January, March and June. Lead couples, as well as medical personnel, discuss the emotional, religious and physical aspects of marriage.

Engaged Encounter:
This marriage preparation weekend is held in either Cedar Falls or Dubuque. The program follows a retreat format focusing on both practical and spiritual elements of married life.

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Marriage Encounter:
These marriage support weekends are for a married couple to strengthen their relationship. Please check the weekly bulletin for upcoming weekends.

This weekend program is designed for couples who are experiencing pain in their marriage. For more information on this program check the weekly bulletin, or telephone the parish office for help.

To Trust Again:
This program is designed for couples who are entering into their second marriage. It's purpose is to foster awareness of the special issues encountered as one enters into marriage following a divorce.

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