St. Jude Church Committees:
Pastoral Council
Finance Council
Building and Grounds
  Parish Community Life
Social Justice
Spiritual Growth
Rosary Society
Respect Life
Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee

Pastoral Council
The St. Jude Parish Council is a committee whose purpose is to oversee parish business and operations. The committee is made up of various representatives who meet once a month. These meetings are open to all members of the parish.

It is during these meetings when, through the establishment of an agenda, council members review, govern and create programs encompassing all areas of St. Jude Parish Corporation.

The parish council was formed in 1970 with the first five officers assuming duties in 1971. A constitution and by-laws govern the council. Membership of the Parish Council consists of: the pastor, two lay directors, a Board of Education representative, twelve lay members who are elected for staggered three-year terms, and two youth members elected for two-year terms.

Listed below are the major committees and sub-committees of the Parish Council and their roles.

  • Board of Education committee is responsible to plan and oversee the religious education of children thru adults for all parishioners. The Board operates under its own constitution and By-Laws.

  • Liturgy committee enhances liturgical worship by planning and coordinating the liturgies for Masses and special liturgical days.

  • Spiritual Growth subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee provides opportunities for spiritual growth through retreats, days of renewal and study groups.

  • Buildings and Grounds committee oversees the needs of the church and school grounds and buildings and makes all the recommendations for improvements to the Council.

  • Parish Life committee is responsible for parish coffees, receptions, potlucks and parish dances. Their main goal is to promote a spirit of community.

  • Welcome Committee is a part of the Parish Life committee listed above.

  • Social Justice Committee receives an allocation of the parish's contributions, and it is their responsibility to allocate these resources where there is the greatest need.

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee - The purpose of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee is to prepare for disasters and respond to whatever event may occur.

Parish Council meetings are published in the weekly bulletin and are open to all.

Finance Counsel
The Finance & Administration Committee plans and supervises the financial and administrative affairs of the parish.

Committee activities include: goal setting, budget considerations, record keeping, the promotion of financial giving and the promotion of stewardship.

This committee also makes recommendations to the Parish Council regarding priorities that affect St. Jude Church Corporation.


Building and Grounds
The Building and Grounds Committee, like its name states, is responsible for the parish buildings and surrounding grounds.  This committee is a Sub Committee to the Finance and Administration Committee and makes recommendations to the parish council for improvements, renovations and/or adaptations of parish facilities.

In addition to regular maintenance, the Building and Grounds Committee also provides for snow and ice removal, and maintains a list of parishioners who have special talents in building/maintenance areas.

If you would like to offer your time and talent to this committee, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Liturgy Committee
Guided by the liturgical documents of the Church and approved diocesan guidelines, the Liturgy Committee coordinates the liturgical  life of the parish. The committee is responsible for determining long range goals and specific objectives, such as: ensuring proper training and support for all liturgical formation in the parish, and evaluating all liturgical events in the parish. The committee welcomes new members at any time. For more information, please contact Kristina Nienhaus at 390-3520.

Haiti Committee
The Haiti Committee was formed in July, 1986, as a subcommittee of the Social Justice Committee,  with a focus program to help Holy Cross Parish in Fond Verrettes, Haiti.

This committee is affiliated with the Haiti Parish Twinning Program whose mission is:

  • To encourage linkages between Catholic parishes, institutions and individuals in the United States and Canada in their efforts to assist the needs of Catholics in Haiti.
  • To develop models for parish actions.
  • To encourage prayerful solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
  • To provide resources and support in religious, educational, medical and economic areas. 
  • To raise personal awareness of our Gospel Call to help the needy.

Haiti Church JPEG

Haiti Children JPEG
Is God Calling YOU to Help?

Parish Community Life
The Parish Community Life Committee of St. Jude is geared to encompass the programs and activities that strengthen our Christian community and foster the community life of our parish.

This committee plans special events such as:

  • breakfasts

  • receptions

  • parish coffees

  • pot-luck suppers

These functions enable parish members to come together in a spirit of social sharing where we are able to strengthen our membership through hospitality, shared experiences, and friendship.

Social Justice Committee
The purpose of this committee is to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee justice and charity in full measure to all of God's children. The Social Justice Committee has the responsibility to enable parishioners to respond to social problems, especially those affecting the poor, the lonely, the unborn, the aged, the oppressed and minority groups.

Spiritual Growth Committee
The Spiritual Growth Committee was developed to give direction to the liturgical and worship elements of the parish. The committee includes the pastor, associate pastor, deacons, prayer group members, and representatives from other organizations in the parish.

These committee members assist in planning programs such as retreats, days of renewal and small prayer/study groups.

Additionally, The Spiritual Growth Committee reviews the effectiveness of spiritual growth programs in the parish and promotes similar programs available through the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

Rosary Society
The St. Jude Rosary Society and Circles is an organized group that supports church service activities through sub-groups called "Circles". There are usually four to five active circles. Each circle offers a different focus and meeting times. Some of the types of service work done by The Rosary Society Circles are as follows:

  • Altar Linens Laundry Service

  • Fund-raising Bake Sales

  • Craft making for the Sweet Corn Festival Country Store

  • Annual Fund-raising Spaghetti Dinner (proceeds from this event purchase St. Jude's altar candles, wine and alter bread)

Respect Life
Graphic of unborn childThe St. Jude Respect Life Organization is a part of the Social Justice Committee. The focus of this organization is to work in conjunction with the Social Concerns Committee and to maintain an awareness of issues and events pertaining to the unborn. Our Respect Life Organization helps those in need by offering information from a variety of network resources. This assistance includes providing clothing for mothers and their babies, food, shelter, as well as financial assistance. If you would like to participate in anyway,
please feel free to contact us!



Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee

The purpose of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee is to prepare for a disaster and response for whatever event may occur.  The Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee was formed in September of 2012 and consists of a coordinator, co-chair and representatives of several standing committees of the parish. 

In the event of a disaster, trained members of the parish will assist members of the parish to shelters or evacuation from the building.

For further information, please contact Walt Hartman, Coordinator, at 396-5036, or Chris Moore, Co-Chair, at 558-8308.



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